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Welcome to WinterJam!

WinterJam 2023 has ended!

Thank you to everyone who participated!
We have had a total of 23 entries. Click here check them out!

You can find the world download on the WinterJam 2023 page


2024-01-27 * Server Closed and World Download

We've had a lot of fun playing with all the submissions on the server, but all good things must come to an end.
The server has now been closed, and the world download is now available on the WinterJam 2023 page.

2024-01-01 * WinterJam 2023 has ended

WinterJam 2023 is now officially over! Thank you to all the participants, we hope you had fun!
There have been a total of 23 entries this year, which is amazing!
We will be keeping the Minecraft server open for a while longer, so you can keep playing on there.

2023-12-24 * Minecraft Server and Modpack

Just in time for Christmas Eve, it is finally time to release the submissions for 2023 into the wild!
The WinterJam 2023 modpack and server are now live, you can find the modpack on CurseForge
If you want to join the WinterJam 2023 Minecraft server, you must be a part of our Discord Community to gain access.

2023-12-16 * First submissions

This post is a bit late, seeing as the first submission was added right after we opened the submissions form.
But as of writing this, we have our first three submissions for WinterJam 2023! Check the Jam Page to see them.
Big shoutout to Workshops of Doom for participating in WinterJam for the THIRD TIME total!

2023-12-07 * Submissions Form

The submissions form for WinterJam 2023 is now live! Click here to submit your project.
Submissions will be open until 2024-01-01 00:00 UTC


2023-12-06 * Rule Update

We have updated the rules to allow submissions that have been created before the event, so long as they have new features added that fit the overall event themes. Also, the existing content must not overshadow other submissions that were made during the event.

This is the annual winter celebration for the modded Minecraft community. During winter we host a mod jam where members of the community are encouraged to create new mods that fit the seasonal theme. Participants are encouraged to collaborate, explore new skills, and challenge themselves. During WinterJam we also host Minecraft servers where anyone can join and check out the mod submissions.